BidSlammer is now free! Check out our Ten Reasons to Snipe.

Ten Reasons to Use a Sniping Service

BidSlammer's last-second eBay bidding software lets you win more for less! Only about 5-6% of eBay users are believed to know about sniping. This gives you a tremendous advantage.

Why is BidSlammer's eBay last-second bidding software the best?

  1. 3 snipes from 3 locations - This is how we guarantee the highest win rate possible.
  2. Sniping saves you hassle and money. - Any eBay power buyer will tell you the only way to guarantee a win is to be there at the last second, to hide your interest and avoid emotional price escalation by you and other bidders.
  3. An auction sniper takes away the frustration of bidding wars and frees you from having to remember to go in and bid at the last second manually.
  4. Extremely high accuracy via double-bidding. BidSlammer's eBay auction software has multiple systems work together (located in different cities) to place duplicate bids and secure our win rate. BidSlammer has used this "fail-safe" sniping method since 2001.
  5. Use "Bid Groups" to save big! - Win for the best price by splashing eBay bids across many items until you win one at the price you want.
  6. You never have to leave eBay. You can add snipes directly from eBay. Either use our "Slam it!" toolbar icon while on an eBay item page. Or, we can import your eBay Watch List upon request.
  7. We run on Linux with a dedicated hosting service. Did you know that most sniping services are run from a PC in someone's house, running less-than-secure Microsoft software? Don't place your bids and eBay information at risk for theft or fraud. Use BidSlammer's eBay auction software and have peace of mind: We run on stable Linux with redundant systems under an established service provider.
  8. Easiest to use - You won't do much clicking in our interface. We make it very easy for high volume buyers.
  9. One-click updates - Change all your eBay snipes with one submission. Isn't one click better than fifty?
  10. No software to download - Your computer doesn't even have to be on. We do everything.

What Features Come With the Power Pack Upgrade?

When you upgrade to BidSlammer's pay service (either subscription plan or individual snipes), you will be equipped with all of the best tools that you need to outwit your other buyers that do not use them!

1.   3 snipes from 3 locations

Our flagship service offering of unprecedented accuracy since 2003, and copied by many competitors since. We even show you the snipe times for each snipe.

6.   Three-second snipe times

Choose from a wide range of snipe lead times from 15 down to 1 second!   We were the first service to market a sniper based on a 3-second lead time option years ago. Today, we're the only service that advertises a 1 second option.

2.   Watch List importing

You can add bids right from eBay -- then import them here two different ways.

7.   Outbid notices

We monitor your auctions and alert you within 2 hours of being outbid.

3.   Bid Groups

Save money on items by grouping similar auctions together — and win only one eBay snipe per group.

8.   Saved searches and alerts

Save a list of favorite searches, and receive alerts when new items are available.

4.   Reserve price detection

We notify you when an auction has a reserve, to bring attention to curiously low-priced items.

9.   Lifetime archive

We save all snipes executed and thumbnail images forever, even if you cancel and come back years later!

5.   Automatic daily refreshes

We do the refreshes for you, so that your item information is always up to date.

10.   Customer service priority

Paid customers receive priority service.